Inspection and QA Circle News : Shri Bharat Kumar Jog Joined as CGM(Inspection & QA)Circle, Jabalpur
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Inspection Circle was formed on 1.6.1950 as a consequence of winding up the then development branch of the P & T Directorate. It has ever since been a functional wing of the Directorate having jurisdiction over the entire country. It inherited from the Development Branch the functions of execution of major development projects and the work of standardization & issue of technical instructions. The work relating to execution of major projects pertaining to Exchange installations and long distance communication systems was transferred to Project Circles since 1972. Technical and Development Circle is engaged in Acceptance Testing of Switching and Transmission equipments , Power and Telecom Co-ordination, issue of Engineering Instructions etc.

INSPECTION CIRCLE was formed on 01.06.1950 as a consequence of winding up of the then development branch of P & T Directorate. Earlier head of the circle was designated as Chief Additional Engineer (ADCHEN). Now head of the circle is headed by Chief General Manager with headquarter at JABALPUR. The supporting Staff (Sanctioned/Working) at SANCHAR VIKAS BHAVAN JABALPUR include (3/3) General Managers, (2/1) Deputy General Managers for controlling and coordinating various activities of the circle along with (1/1) CAO, (6/2) AGMs, (2/2) AOs, (13/6) SDEs and other subordinate staff for various activities. One Vigilance Officer is also posted at H/Q Jabalpur as on 30/06/2012.

The field units consisting of (7/7) DGM/Addl GMs located at Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Chandigarh & Guwahati.(41/28) Divisional Engineers, (526/230) Sr. Sub Divisional Engineers & Sub Divisional Engineers , (307/135) Junior Telecom Officers along with sufficient number of technicians and other supporting staff to manage the A/T and PTCC activities through out the country as on 30/06/2012.


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